Hiring a designer doesn’t have to be complicated. We have several options for you to choose from depending on your needs and project. Your home should reflect your personality, style and welcome you when you walk in the door.

Consultations | Investment starts at $300

A consultation is a great way to figure out how to make your vision for
your house come together. We’ll define your style and help you
make a game plan so you can run with it. We’ll suggest what to keep,
what to make over, what to put in another room and what to pitch.
You will have a clear idea of what you need to purchase for the space
so you don’t make any mistakes and your plan will outline priorities so
you can make decisions and your project stays on track.

Design Services | Investment varies based on
scope of project

New construction or renovations can be overwhelming. So many
decisions need to be made and you need guidance figuring it all out.
Take a deep breath and let’s make this process fun! We will decide
on flooring, lighting, wall color, finishes and everything else that will
make your style and vision come to life. It will be organized,
prioritized and the finished project will be a reflection of your style and

Styling | Investment varies based on scope of project

Need help polishing your current look? Sometimes it helps to have
an objective eye come in and give you honest feedback on what is
working and what needs to change. A few suggestions on how to
finish off a room and bring it all together can make all the difference.
It’s the attention to details that make you fall in love with a space.

Investment Properties

We travel all over helping our clients with their investment properties.
Our priority is to wow your guests with comfort and style! Every detail
is taken care of during installation and each room is styled for
marketing photographs.

Client Gifts

Want to wow your clients and encourage them to recommend you?
Let us help you brand your client gifts and customize each one
depending on their interests, style and personality.


The Client Experience

Your vibe attracts your tribe……so what is your shop’s vibe?
Is it attracting your ideal customer?  Display is the key element of a well-
designed shop and it is how you tell your story.  Individual products on
display mean very little until they are organized into a delightful story that shoppers can’t resist.

It is important to set the right tone that draws potential customers in and turns them into loyal shoppers.  What a customer sees, touches, hears or smells while in your shop determines their experience.  When they have a good experience, whether they buy anything or not, they will come back.

Store displays should be changed occasionally to create interest for
customers that come in regularly and to change where and how
merchandise is placed.  Sometimes changing an item’s story makes it a
more desirable item where before it was overlooked.

What story do you want to tell?  Who do you want to attract? So many shop owners get overwhelmed with the day-to- day responsibilities of running the business they forget (or put blinders on) to stop and make sure that the right image and vibe is in place.  Costly mistakes are made and when you aren’t sure how to fix the problem, it becomes extremely frustrating.

This is where I can help with my Experience Consultations.  I offer an
evaluation of your space and store experience.  I tell you what is
functioning and what isn’t.  I make suggestions on how to improve
storefront impact, merchandising displays and to fine-tune the perception
and image of your business.   As shop owners, we don’t want to do it like
the big stores….we want to bring out the charm and personal connection
that small businesses and boutiques have to offer.

I also offer client experience consults for salons, professional office spaces and restaurants.

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Commission based designer program

KSD is introducing a commission based Designer Program for professional Designers and Decorators. We want to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need and what your clients want. We are creating an area in the shop for you to browse through the catalogs of the lines we carry at KSD which include furniture, lighting, rugs, fabric, window coverings, lamps and art. We will also offer local delivery and have sources and workrooms to help you with the details. This Designer workspace will be client friendly as well.  Contact us to sign up for the program and be added to the program newsletter.


Local design firms create cozy clubhouse for the Hideaway at Arrington

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