Stylish Halloween Party

Halloween is my favorite holiday to entertain. The possibilities are endless and you can let your imagination run wild.

This holiday isn’t just for the kids, get creative and have some fun. Turn your house into a mysterious place where anything can—and probably will—happen. This party is all about atmosphere; dim the lights and put on some fun music and you are ready to entertain the ghouls and goblins that you call friends.


Who says a Halloween gathering has to have orange? Black and white with pops of silver and purple give this table sophistication. Your party spread will be unforgettable when you use traditional décor in an unexpected way. I love to use cheesecloth on my tables and furniture.



I like to add eerie edibles to the table…deviled legs, molded cheese, bones and blood, bat wings with dip…be creative and have fun! I like to keep guests mingling and make it easy to serve, so platters of finger food are the way to go.



Decorating ideas
Use Cheesecloth: Brew some tea, soak the cloth in it for a few minutes then wring out and let dry. Now have fun pulling and ripping to give it that creepy feel and layer it over your table and furniture. Dress up pumpkins, glittered skulls with moss add that eerie haunted look. Make sure to add some spiders, they creep everyone out…trust me. Dress your pumpkins up with rhinestones; a little bling pulls it all together.


Drinks Ideas
They have great beer options this time of year, pick one that goes with your theme. I think red wine is the perfect beverage for a a glamorous Halloween party, don’t you? I also don’t think it’s a party unless you have martinis and jello shooters….but that’s just me.


On a cold night I love to serve Baileys and coffee….I make it haunted by adding a ghost peep.



I hope this inspires you to cast a spell over your home…and throw a special Halloween bash. Come back tomorrow and I will share more decor ideas and all of my spooky recipes and drink potions. Are you planning a Halloween party this year?

Stylishly Yours,

Ryan Firm