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Whew, this summer has flown by.  It has been very busy here at the Perfectly Placed headquarters!  Never mind that I am also running Spalding Surgical, planning the 2nd annual The Pink Gala and entertaining two teenage boys and a very cute nine-year-old little girl.  I am exhausted….and every once in a while a little overwhelmed.  I don’t care what anybody says….you CAN have it all, but you CAN’T have it all at once.

When I had babies, I was very lucky to be able to stay home with them.  I loved every minute of it….well, maybe not every minute of it.  I missed working, so I found ways to volunteer my services so I could stay connected and have some much needed adult time.  Once my youngest went to kindergarten, (the first week), I started taking on clients and haven’t looked back.  I did what worked for me….I don’t judge other mothers for not staying home and don’t judge moms who choose not to go back to work because I was secure in my decision and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have learned some very valuable lessons these past few months….

My children will survive if I don’t make a three-course dinner every night.
If I complain about the way my husband does the laundry….he won’t want to do it anymore.
I can treat myself as well as I treat my clients.
A long weekend away with my husband is well worth the effort.

The most important thing is setting boundaries.  Can I multitask? Heck yes, and very well I might add. But multitasking doesn’t allow me to do my best.  I can’t do three things well all at the same time, but I can do each of them very well one at a time.  Imagine that?  Yep….not rocket science huh?

So I am going to go all Oprah on you and tell you the thing I know for sure!

Setting up office hours is crucial when your office is in your home.  My children know the “office hour” rules.  This allows me to get my work done faster and have more time to do the fun stuff with them.  But they know my door is always open if they need me….and when that happens, I turn away from the computer, put the phone on vibrate and give them my full attention.  When I do this, the interruptions are few and far between because they don’t have to compete with anything for my attention.  This is more difficult during the summer when all three of them are here and have had all the “together” time they can stand, but it works most of the time.  Office hours also include when I will answer emails and my cell phone.  This has been a game changer…..thank you Lara Casey.  I don’t have the exact same schedule everyday because my business is a fly by the seat of your pants kinda thing some days, but I try to figure out my weekly schedule so everyone knows what to expect.  Sometimes it is right on and sometimes we adjust and rearrange.  I don’t feel guilty about working and I don’t miss out on summer fun with my family…..ahhh now that is an accomplishment!

School is starting this week….and I am having mixed emotions about it. I am happy to get back to a schedule and not have to worry about keeping everyone entertained because it is so HOT outside no one wants to leave the house.  I am not excited about homework, sport schedules ruling my life and the stress of getting everyone out the door before 7:30 in the morning.  But like I said… can’t have it all at once!

Plan on darlings,


  • Leslie horn, August 2, 2011 11:55 pm

    Love your blog, “darling”!! You just inspired me as I am trying to “multitask”!!! You know, planning dinner, arranging fabulous trips to Budapest, Italy, China AND a destination wedding to Punta Cana!!!
    CRAZY!!! Just living vicariously through my clients!!
    Keep writing and inspiring!!!

    Leslie 🙂

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