New Year, New Entryway

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I’m not big on New Year resolutions….I think it’s way to much pressure to live up to what you think you should be doing instead of what you really need to be doing. Instead I look back over the year at the things I am most thankful for. It really is a much better way to start a new year, in a place of gratitude instead of full blown panic about the juice diet or two a day workout sessions you promised yourself you would start January 1st.

One of my favorite things to do in January is a little bit of reorganization and to freshen things up. It is the perfect time to do it….you are putting up Christmas and things are probably looking a little bare so why not tweak a few things and update your decor.

Doing your entire house at once is completely overwhelming so break it down into rooms or areas and the best place is to start with your entryway! It is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, it should be welcoming to you and your guests and easy to navigate. Home needs to be your haven, and the entryway is the key.

Ask yourself some questions about how you use the entryway. Make a list and be realistic about how you live in this space. This is where most of my clients make a mistake. They aren’t honest with themselves about where they are going to drop their keys, purse, wallet or briefcase. After a few days of putting things in the hall closet or home office they slowly go back to the dumping at the front door habit. I had a client fight me on it for a few weeks and when she finally agreed to let me set up a working entrance it really changed her life. She knew where her keys and sunglasses were, she had the mail contained and a bag she could throw over her shoulder as she headed out the door and she got tons of compliments on how “pretty” it all was. Function doesn’t equal ugly! (At least not in this southern girl’s book)

Trust me, you can have organization and great style!

{Pottery Barn}

This is a great look from Pottery Barn. Baskets provide stylish storage and keep the clutter contained. Hooks or pegs allow for great display options and a coat rack is mandatory in my house for dog leases, umbrellas and oh yeah coats.

I collect old buckets and ladders and the entryway is a perfect place to use some of them. Displaying family photos and special keepsakes is very welcoming to friends and family.


{James Michael-Howard}

I love a piece of furniture with drawers in the entryway. The perfect place to hide some essentials like spare car keys, sunglasses, wallet and if you are a pet owner…poop bags. Put a small basket for incoming and outgoing mail (with a few spare stamps in the bottom), hang a canvas bag from a hook for store returns, library books and anything else that needs to head out the door with you. We had a change container by the door and a couple of months ago we rolled it and had enough money for a family bowling night. It really is the little things that can make a difference and they are so easy to put into place if you work with how YOU live.

Y’all will love how much easier getting out the door will be with these small changes. Do you have a system set up? Tell me the one thing you couldn’t do without. Me? Coat rack and mirror…seriously my world would come to a screeching halt if I couldn’t find the dog’s lease while putting on my lipstick.

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