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January 26, 2016 } Blog { by Kelly | No Comments

KS_Logo_CMYK_MedPurple-01January 2016 has started with a bang!  Normally January is a slow month full of organizing and planning for KSD’s year.  This month….nope non of that!  Clients and new projects that I am so excited about have filled my “slow” month to the point that I’ve realized it’s time I really figure out what’s next for KSD.  First is “We’re Hiring”  and the position I need filled is not easy to explain, well at least not in traditional job description terms.

I need a project/client/me manager – Someone:

  • behind the scenes handling chaos and keeping things moving
  • who can think on the run and be a problem solver
  •  that understands urgency but knows that things need to be done right
  • who is extremely organized and detail oriented
  • to manage a wide range of projects
  • to be a client concierge and the manager of customer satisfaction
  • who is a team player and willing to go the extra mile
  • that is honest, loyal and ethical
  • willing to roll with the punches
  • that can laugh at my jokes, handle my crazy, creative, out of the box ideas and likes cake and champagne (well the last part is optional)


A typical month involves me planning photo shoots, re-designing merchandising displays, ordering and managing inventory, working on online shop, blog updates, marketing ideas, shop events, client meetings, home decor installation,  pop-up shop plans, speaking engagements and a few hundred other things.  So making a short list of things you might be responsible for is almost impossible because really, when it comes down to it, you will be responsible for some part of everything I do.  There is opportunity for growth and how much growth depends on you and your ability to hustle.  For now the job is part-time and weekly hours vary (approx 20-25) depending on what we have going on and what has to be done.  I’m excited to see what this next year brings and look forward to having a strong team in place to help me grow!

Think you might be a great fit?  Send resume to Kelly@KellySpaldingDesigns.com


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