Decorating Guidelines

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Does your room layout not feel right?  Are you not sure how to fix it?  Here are some guidelines to help you navigate a little room redesign.


Picture from Better Homes and Garden Blog. Great example of scale and proportion and lots of layers of texture.

Scale and proportion  Keeps things balanced.  A small table beside a huge overstuffed armchair, or a narrow piece of artwork over a long piece of furniture don’t work visually.  Think about the size of the room in relation to the furnishings.  If the scale and proportion are right the room will have a good flow even if the pieces are an eclectic mix.

Keep your compositions uncluttered.  Your room shouldn’t be overwhelmed with stuff.  Empty space is important.  Just like with fashion accessories…..less is more.  I like symmetry but to keep things interesting, display items in odd numbers.

Consider how you live in the space.  What is your lifestyle?  Young children? Pets?  Keep those things in mind when choosing furniture and fabrics. I have a fairly inexpensive dining room table and it has two big scratches on it and Audrey’s name imprinted in the finish from an ironing incident……it’s life with lots of kids around the table and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We use our table every day and I knew I would have a heart attack if I had invested a lot of money in it.

Mix and match furniture, patterns and texture.  Gone are the days of purchasing an entire living room set!  Be adventurous, add interest by collecting things for a room.  Mix old and new, stripes and florals, classic and fun.  Don’t buy anything you don’t love… me on this.  It will always be a purchase you regret.  A room needs contrast.  Dark and light, shiny and rustic.  The more layers of texture the more interesting the room will be.

So go ahead…move things around! Get rid of that piece that doesn’t work in your home and replace it with something you love.  Use meaningful things in your decor, family heirlooms, items from your travels, pictures of your children, quotes that make you smile…..that’s what makes a house a home.

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