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His & Her office redo

November 03, 2015 } Blog, Interior Decorating { by Kelly | No Comments

The home office is often the last room to get any attention.  It becomes a store-all room where things get put when you aren’t sure what else to do with it.  My client had just that problem.  We had redone her living room, dining room and touched up the kitchen and now she wanted to attack the office.  She and her husband share this space and the current layout just wasn’t conducive to both of them working at the same time.  With an almost 2 year old and a baby on the way, they both wanted an area that was organized, functional and a pleasant to work in.  In a world of only posting the perfect room, I wanted to show the the work in progress.  No room is done in an instant and it takes time to complete a look and gather meaningful things to put in it.  So this isn’t a finished product but you can see how I work and join in on the process.

Here is the before….I know these are bad photos but I took them just for me to use during the design and layout process and didn’t think about taking ones for a blog post….which is why you see so few of my room designs on here!

The before picturesLayout wasn’t working well.


The before pictures Kelly Spalding DesignsShelves had become a storage area.


Before pictures Kelly Spalding DesignsThis furniture was from their previous house and didn’t work in this room at all.  Hard for 2 people to work together too.


The before pictures Kelly Spalding Designs

My client loves color and we have used it through out the house but I wanted to keep this room simple but sophisticated and one that worked for both of them.  The color scheme is navy, cream and gold.  This allows us to add a few pops of color in the art on the bookshelf but nothing that overwhelms the room.  The first thing I wanted to do was get rid of the desk unit that wasn’t working at all in this room and bring in 2 full size desks with plenty of storage for all the stuff that need to be put away.   I put both up against the wall so the messy cords could be hidden.  (I hate messy cords!)  To add interest to the wall, I hung several picture frames for them to add special family photos as well as an Emily Ley “Family Rules” print.  I placed it in the center as a focal point and used two gold frames to add a pop to the wall.  It was getting dark outside when I took this picture so forgive the quality but I wanted you to see it close up (also available at Kelly Spalding Designs)

Family Rules framed gold foil print from Emily Ley.  Available at Kelly Spalding Designs in Franklin, TN

His and her desks with navy chairs and wall gallery.  Room by Kelly Spalding Designs.

Comfy chairs are a must!  Did you see those chairs in the before pic?  Ugh those things were so uncomfortable.  (Here is where I think I won the husband over) I loved these navy chairs and think they add that sophistication I was looking for.  She had their wedding photo stuck in a closet and wasn’t sure where to hand it so I love that we found the perfect spot for it.

White desk and navy chair with gold accents and decor.  Interior decor by Kelly Spalding Designs.

There had to be room for Evie!  Mommy and Daddy had a work space so I knew we had to bring in a table and chair set so everyone could be in this space together.  This isn’t the play room but since this room is off the kitchen it needed to have some toys and be a place for activities too.  We all know the smallest person in the house has the most stuff anyway!  I kept the fireplace mantle clean since there is a lot going on through out the room.  (We are going to add a tall piece on the other side of the photo)

Child's table and chairs and patterned rug.  Home office decor by Kelly Spalding Designs.

Now let’s talk about the book shelves.  This is a problem area for a lot of my clients.  They aren’t sure what to do with all the books and soon it becomes a messy storage area with no design appeal at all.  Well I changed that.  We went through the closets and found some art that she had put away because she wasn’t sure where it should go.  I love these pieces and they add personality and color were there was none before.  We aren’t quite done with these (have some more pictures to add) but the foundation of the design is there and with a few additions it will be the look she always wanted but couldn’t figure out how to pull it together.  Sound familiar?  I loved using Emily Ley’s office organization memory and magazine boxes (available at Kelly Spalding Designs).  This isn’t a showroom bookshelf but one that is used and filled with favorite books and mementos.  Perfection is boring so don’t get caught up in that….make the space tell your story.

Home office makeover.  Shelves organized and display family pictures and mementos.  Styled by Kelly Spalding Designs.

The rug is my favorite part of the room.  It adds that wow factor and brings it all together.  A little pattern, a pop of gold, some color for personality and you have a room you love to spend time in.  Because you can see into the office from the sitting room and kitchen we wanted all the rooms to coordinate (not match).  That way the entire house feels pulled together and cohesive.

Patterned rug and child's table and chairs.  Decor by Kelly Spalding Designs.

What is your problem room?  What do you want to change to make it a space you love?  We offer several options of interior decor services.  Need a little help or a project manager?  Call us and let’s chat about how we can make your house a home.


Stylishly yours,  Kelly xoxo






Decorating Guidelines

July 25, 2014 } Blog, Interior Decorating { by Kelly | No Comments

Does your room layout not feel right?  Are you not sure how to fix it?  Here are some guidelines to help you navigate a little room redesign.


Picture from Better Homes and Garden Blog. Great example of scale and proportion and lots of layers of texture.

Scale and proportion  Keeps things balanced.  A small table beside a huge overstuffed armchair, or a narrow piece of artwork over a long piece of furniture don’t work visually.  Think about the size of the room in relation to the furnishings.  If the scale and proportion are right the room will have a good flow even if the pieces are an eclectic mix.

Keep your compositions uncluttered.  Your room shouldn’t be overwhelmed with stuff.  Empty space is important.  Just like with fashion accessories…..less is more.  I like symmetry but to keep things interesting, display items in odd numbers.

Consider how you live in the space.  What is your lifestyle?  Young children? Pets?  Keep those things in mind when choosing furniture and fabrics. I have a fairly inexpensive dining room table and it has two big scratches on it and Audrey’s name imprinted in the finish from an ironing incident……it’s life with lots of kids around the table and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We use our table every day and I knew I would have a heart attack if I had invested a lot of money in it.

Mix and match furniture, patterns and texture.  Gone are the days of purchasing an entire living room set!  Be adventurous, add interest by collecting things for a room.  Mix old and new, stripes and florals, classic and fun.  Don’t buy anything you don’t love… me on this.  It will always be a purchase you regret.  A room needs contrast.  Dark and light, shiny and rustic.  The more layers of texture the more interesting the room will be.

So go ahead…move things around! Get rid of that piece that doesn’t work in your home and replace it with something you love.  Use meaningful things in your decor, family heirlooms, items from your travels, pictures of your children, quotes that make you smile…..that’s what makes a house a home.

Stylishly Yours,




A Layer of Fall

September 15, 2010 } Blog, Interior Decorating { by Kelly | 1 Comment

Just a few things here and there….

add personality

and interest

Have you started decorating for Fall?  What are your favorite Fall decorations?


Spring Decor

March 29, 2010 } Blog, Interior Decorating { by Kelly | 4 Comments

Here are a few pictures of my spring decor.  I am joining the Shop Your House party on Finesse Your Nest

Before you say anything….I have two wedding pictures in my entire house and you will see them both

I found the bunny in my daughter’s room, the container was in the
garage and the moss was in my office.
Full view
I love this old pie safe.  It is in my dining room.
Close up
I added moss to the bottom and found a Shabby Chic decorative ball in my
craft room and added it too.
I thought this turned out well and then went to change my table in the foyer.  I found the bunny in the attic with my Easter table decor and the bird was in my office.  I had the nest in my craft room and  the eggs are from JoAnn’s last year and the ribbon was from an older project.  The container matched the one in the dining room (I have 3) and a different candle with a small grapevine wreath around it in the birdcage.
Okay a little plain but I have been busy!
So after my “shopping spree”
Full lenth view

I had fun and I hope I gave you some ideas for your home!

Happy decorating~
Because home is where your story begins……


Spring Fever

March 25, 2010 } Blog, Interior Decorating { by Kelly | No Comments

Time to make a change?  Me too.  Spring does it to me every time.  I start thinking of ways to change every room in my house.  I have 3 big projects that I need to get done but they will disrupt my household and I just can’t deal with that right now.  So I will day dream about the changes I want until I can handle the huge mess.

so I am thinking about the color brown….but I am not loving the white covered books…seriously?  I have better things to do with my day.

from Better Homes and Gardens
I do dream about a wonderful screened in porch but sadly I don’t have one.
from Better Homes & Gardens
Maybe organize a closet or two?
Okay…my closet will never look like this, but it is fun to think about it!
Do you have a Spring project to share?  I would love to hear about it…I will try to finish one up this week and take pictures!
Happy Spring,